welcome to the 1Spy Laboratory !

Digital Forensic

Lost the access to the important data? We can help to get it back for you.

Digital Surveillance

Capture all the records and activities from smartphone, PC and MacBook.

Vehicle Tracker

Let the system monitor your vehicle. The movement details is in your fingertip.


Monitor Android

We support all types of Android platform in the market to monitor the phone activites.

Monitor IOS (iPhone & iPad)

Our solution supported IOS up to version 9.3. The most powerful monitoring system for IOS is here.

Data Recovery

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a singlemoment before starting to improve the world.

Monitor Mac Devices

Using MacBook? Our system can support up to latest Mac OS version.

Monitor Windows Desktop

Powerful function able to get all the info you ask for.

Monitor Vehicle

Our vehicle tracker give you more functions then you expecting.

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