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Every cases having difference difficulties & resources. Our reliable & experience consultant is ready for you.
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Facing problem after purchased the license? Make appointment wiht our technical team for remote installation or onsite collection.
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Suspect your phone had been hacked? We are offering phone assesment and protection plan to prevent you from hacker.


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A Consultant for IT & Mobile Surveillance System

The Founder, Jeffrey Hue who has over a decade of experience in the area of information & Communication Technology (ICT), Mobile applications...


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hub1spylab is the most trusted SPY platform in Asia. We are one stop
solution provider for Private Investigator & Customer to monitor till get the truth.


We're Offering

See what they see, know what they know - no matter where you are. Remotely track all activities on the device.

  • Spying Instant Message
  • SMS Tracker
  • Cell Phone Tracker
  • Call Interception
  • Bug Their Room
  • Feature Product FlexiSPY

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A consultation for IT & Mobile
Survillance System

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